About me

Who I am & What I do

Jackson Lindner

Im a Woodworker, Programmer, Electronics Enthusiast, and Product Manufacturer.

Design, Model, Material selection, Process efficiency

Woodwork, Metalwork, CNC Services, 3D Printing, Electronics design and manufacture

Environmentally Conscious, Locally owned and Operated

About Me

In 2007 I started business in Brisbane QLD, as Jx Electronics, making high end boutique guitar effects and audio devices. In 2012 as the market became saturated with small builders, I expanded into general furniture design and manufacturing as Jx Workshop and simultaneously studied Engineering, touching on areas of Electronics, Mechanical Design, Computer Programming, and 3D Modelling. I also made the move to a rural area just north of Noosa QLD, set up my workshop, and began making.

In early 2015, I once again redirected towards product design and manufacturing for a number of local businesses that wanted to increase production and grow, but keep their business local within the community and have a craftsman, not a factory, produce their products. Since then I’ve been growing the workshops capabilities with new digital fabrication technology such as: In house 3D Printing services and CNC Routing, to augment the more traditional hand tool and power tool woodworking techniques.

I use a hybrid approach of traditional hand tools, Standalone machinery, and digital fabrication as the project dictates.

Traditional Handtools

Machinery based woodworking

Digital Fabrication

I use Autodesk Fusion 360 for the majority of my design and digital fabrication work. Along with a 3D Printer and a 1000mm x 1000mm Xcarve CNC Router.

CNC Routing

3D Printing

3D Modelling and digital design

My electronics knowledge is concentrated mainly in embedded devices and IOT. Previously though I designed and built one off custom audio devices and effects units and am constantly tinkering with new ideas, and re-purposing old technology.

Embedded Devices

Home Automation

IOT and Smart Devices